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Hot Sandwiches and Fried Chicken

Hungry? Super Save Supermarket is your one-stop shop for not only groceries but ready-made hot sandwiches and fried chicken.

For many decades now, we've provided the San Francisco area with mouthwatering food, outstanding customer service, and competitive prices you won't be able to find anywhere else nearby. When hunger strikes, there is no better place to go in the Bayview area.

Are you craving a hot fried chicken sandwich? Fried chicken alone? Come see us at 4517 3rd St in San Francisco, CA. We've got you covered.

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Super Save Supermarket: A Krispy Krunchy Chicken Partner

That's right. We've teamed up with Krispy Krunchy Chicken to bring you mouthwatering fried chicken, right in your neighborhood.

As a proud Krispy Krunchy Chicken partner, we can vouch for how good it is. And we receive their freshly made Cajun chicken on the regular. So when the craving for premium fried chicken strikes, you know exactly where to go to get your fill. We're always fully stocked and ready to go. Enjoy quality food, when you want it.

Fried Chicken for Sale at a Great Location

When hunger strikes, we're conveniently located in the Bayview area, and we have free parking. In San Francisco, a parking lot is something of a luxury, and we're proud to say that we have one making our store all the more accessible.

Our Krispy Krunchy Chicken fried chicken is a crowd favorite. When you're looking for something, a little different, Cajun fried chicken is at your rescue. And if that wasn't enough, we also have hot sandwiches for sale, and you can choose what you'd like in them. Plus, we have many dips and sauces to choose from.

When in Doubt. Buy Fried Chicken, Buy Hot Sandwiches

After a long day of work, sometimes the last thing you want to do is cook. And that's okay!

Stop by our store and indulge in our amazing fried chicken and hot sandwiches. Superior quality for affordable prices is the foundation we've built our business on, and this includes our ready-to-eat food. Whatever the situation may be, when you need a little break from making meals, buying our fried chicken delicacies is always a great option.

A Fried Chicken Store with the Best Staff

Each member of our staff is friendly, respectful, and helpful. We're family-owned and operated, and we do care about our customers and the many families that visit our store. Our main goal is to exceed expectations and go above and beyond to impress with exceptional service.

We're proud to be a staple in the local community, and for this reason, we try to improve our service every single day. The way we see it is every day is a new day to impress and make our clients smile. If you ever have suggestions on how we can improve our service, we'd be happy to hear it. We appreciate the feedback.